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Web HMI 2.0 from GE Digital

01 Speed response up to 40% with HMI layouts and context-driven navigation that improve awareness 

Designed to high-performance HMI guidelines, Web HMI changes the visualization experience to enable decision support. The overall layout provides operators with the most informed view of problems and tasks at hand. Each window o ers a di erent perspective or view on the displayed asset, interchangeable for a personalized experience. Operators see asset- related data automatically based upon the model, speeding awareness and response. 

02 Support operators with high-performance visualization and control at the right place 

Web HMI provides visualization where you need it with native responsive web design. The HTML5 user interface is native Web out-of-the-box, supports the responsive design concepts, and adapts to various form factors and orientations. From the control room to eld locations, Web HMI draws operator attention to the right information at the right time. 

03  Reduce development up to 40%

With Web HMI, you never start with a blank paper. Instead, you’ll de ne your structured asset model, then map to the SCADA database. Save time by de ning assets once for each class. Pre-de ned objects and templates are high performance, out-of-the-box. Cards—or a model- driven window view—include HMI, alarms, alarm summary, trends, and control and may be customized. 

04  Save time with zero deployment clients 

Leveraging HTML5 technology, Web HMI reduces deployment and maintenance time. The true native Web clients do not require any client installation. Deploying and maintaining has never been easier. 

05  Enable the digital twin with data, visualization, and control 

Web HMI provides a foundation for your digital industrial journey by connecting your assets and creating a digital mimic—or twin—of a process, network, or piece of equipment. Operators can visualize and identify key information, then take the right actions 

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