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Webspace   from GE Digital

01 Extend your HMI/SCADA and MES with the power of the Industrial Internet

Webspace extends your iFIX, CIMPLICITY, and Plant Applications system viewing and control abilities right into a Web browser or tablet. Webspace doesn’t compromise your proven applications, graphics, or functionality—providing a full-featured client and delivering comprehensive functionality over a browser.

02 Increase information sharing with flexible, secure-by-design technology

With support for up to 70 simultaneous clients, Webspace enables new and existing systems to be dynamically expanded across the facility or globe. The solution enhances your user experience with the ability to run multiple Webspace clients and view many systems from one point. Additionally, Webspace allows you to manually configure a sandbox and white list entries for files and programs.

03  Gain full-featured mobility with the SCADA app

Easily and quickly harness the power of your HMI/SCADA and Plant Applications on iPad or Android devices with minimal engineering effort. Download the free SCADA app and instantly connect to your runtime projects, and leverage the same full-featured capabilities of a standard client with full HMI/SCADA and Plant Applications functionality, including third-party app support with no screen conversions required.


Increase information sharing across teams with a fullfeatured, secure-by-design Web and mobile client for iFIX, CIMPLICITY, and Plant Applications

Speed the right actions with model-based navigation and quick access to information over the Internet, anywhere

Save time with zero client configuration and the ability to port screens instantly

Decrease costs with one server that renders three applications on your choice of client, including iOS, Android, and browser access

Boost flexibility by dynamically adjusting control points onthe-fly and viewing multiple systems simultaneously

Improve analytical and planning abilities with real-time data and information viewing

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